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August 5, 2021 Off

Cutting-edge Sports Medicine Practice Embraces ComfortStall’s Many Benefits

By Roberta Johnston

Premier Equine Veterinary Services in Whitesboro, TX, is a one-stop shop for cutting-edge horse care. Owner William Rhoads, DVM, DACVS DABVP, and Kelley A Jones, DVM, offer veterinary services ranging...

August 1, 2021 Off

Keeping Your Horse Hydrated Is Easier Than Ever With New!

By Roberta Johnston

Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets From Farnam Keeping horses hydrated in the heat of summer, or during competition and other stressful situations, can be a challenge especially if they won’t eat...

May 14, 2021 Off

Time to Take a Second Look at Farnam® Vetrolin® Shampoos

By Roberta Johnston

Farnam, your partner in horse care™ has unveiled new easy-to-hold bottles with a fresh new look for Vetrolin® Bath and Vetrolin® White ‘N Brite™ shampoos. Horse owners are doing a...

January 1, 2022 Off

Committed to Sheep

By Roberta Johnston

Let’s Talk Livestock with Scarlett James Rudder FFA & Runtin’ and Gruntin’ 4-H Committed to Sheep is Ava Allensworth passion.…