Why Steam Hay?

Why Steam Hay?

September 21, 2022 Off By Roberta Johnston

5 Ways High Temperature Steam Hay can Help Your Horse

Contributed by Kim Miller

It’s flippin’ hot out.

So why make things hotter by steaming your horse’s hay?

Haygain Hay Steaming is always a hot topic because of its many horse health benefits.

Here’s 5.

Respiratory Health:

Does your horse cough occasionally? Or is his performance off slightly for no clear reason? Early-stage respiratory issues could be the cause.

Although forage is critical to our horse’s diets, it’s also a top source of respiratory particles that are the main cause of respiratory disease. The dust we can see in hay is not the biggest problem. It’s the microscopic particles we can’t see that contain mold, bacteria and other allergens and inflammation-triggering irritants.

Haygain Hay Steaming is scientifically proven to reduce up to 99% of this “dust” from forage. It is widely recommended for preventing & managing respiratory problems.

Allergies & Air Pollution:

It’s common knowledge that allergy season is becoming nearly year-round and that air quality is degrading due to drought and wildfires in much of North America. That puts a premium on controlling the controllable aspects of our horse’s environment.

Feeding forage virtually free of dust and allergens helps horses cope with the particulate matter we can’t control in their environment.

Better Than Soaking:

Soaking hay to reduce dust can actually increase the bacteria content and many horses don’t like the taste. It’s also a water-wasting hassle and mess. If you need to soak to significantly reduce sugar content, it’s best to soak then steam. Haygain steaming slightly reduces sugar content but, unlike soaking, it otherwise preserves your hay’s nutrients.

More Moisture:

Haygain Steamed Hay has up to 3X the moisture content of dry hay. Great for hydration and digestion, at home and especially with the stresses of travel and competition.

Great Taste:

Got a picky eater? Haygain Steamed Hay has proven palatability advantage over dry or soaked forage. And the scent of Steamed Hay is equally beloved by horses and their people.

Haygain has high-temperature Hay Steaming models for every need.

  • FLAKES: The HG ONE steams 2-3 flakes and is ideal for one horse or pony and is easy to travel with.
  • HALF BALE: The HG 600 steams a half-bale and is easily portable, too.
  • FULL BALE: The HG 2000 steams a full bale and is ideal for feeding multiple horses.

Want to know more about Haygain Hay Steaming works and how it can help your horse? Visit Haygain.us. 🎠