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If you want to attract horse enthusiasts to your business, our magazine is the place to start! But that is only one aspect of our marketing your products and services. Our advertisers in the printed edition are included in the digital online edition of the publication FREE! We also offer a full digital complement of marketing services from e-blasts, to video marketing to social sharing, we want our customers to succeed. 

Client Products and Services

Would you like to learn more about our clients’ products & services? View videos of their products and services to learn more about how they can benefit you.

Horse Colic SayWhoa – Educational Video Horse Digestive Tract for Horse Owners, “We Create Shovel Ready Jobs!” StopsColic.com / 800-448-8180 Use Coupon Code AL10 for $10 OFF
Cindy and Jan giving their testimony using Say Whoa. Here at J BAR C Horse Products, “We Create Shovel Ready Jobs!” StopsColic.com / 800-448-8180 Use Coupon Code AL10 for $10 OFF
Hi-Pro Feeds
www.hiprofeeds.com / 800-447-7620
From the arena to the trail, get rewarded for buying supplements that support your horse’s lifestyle.  www.HorseCareLoyalty.com 
Pyranha, Inc
Ultimate Protection Plan. Your trusted leader in insect control.
Fast Tip from Farnam
How to Give Your Horse a Healthy, Winning Shine
Adeptus® Nutrition, Inc
The Adeptus® product offering is truly “Nutrition Based on Science” with only top quality ingredients used in the nutritionally balanced formulas.
Hi-Pro Feeds
www.hiprofeeds.com / 800-447-7620

Digital Business Cards

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www.farnam.com / 800-234-2269

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