Lynn Palm ~ Palm Partnership Training(R) Tip of the Month

Lynn Palm ~ Palm Partnership Training® Tip of the Month

Keep your horse happy and healthy while traveling!

When I travel with my horses for six or more hours, I am sure they are prepared for the trip by mixing a hot bran mash with mineral oil at least six hours before the trip. By adding half his grain ration with two cups of bran, one cup of mineral oil and enough warm water to saturate the mix, each horse is getting a treat and I have some insurance that things will continue to move smoothly as we travel.

I will also add ½ teaspoon of table salt to each feeding about three days prior to the trip. The salt should encourage the horse to drink. Electrolytes may also be used. I give my horses free choice hay throughout the trip and offer them fresh water at each stop. I am always conscious of the ventilation in the trailer. I am sure that the horses are not too hot or too cold so as not to add any additional stress.

When I stop for fuel, I check my horse’s hay intake, water intake, body temperature, and manure/urinating. I am sure that my stops are at least 30 minutes so my horse can rest.

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