Trickonometry (Trick Horse Training) Clinics with Carole Fletcher Offered

Trickonometry (Trick Horse Training) Clinics with Carole Fletcher Offered: Teach Your Horse to be Useful, Fun and Entertaining

Anyone can learn to teach their horse to bow or lie down to be mounted, fetch a hat, smile, wave a flag, sit down, Spanish Walk, and perform impressive pedestal poses. With step-by-step, safe training methods from Carole Fletcher, world-renowned trick horse trainer and performer, your next clinic can become a “must-go-to” event.

Horses need something to do. They want to feel useful. They love to work for praise and feel accomplished. Tricks can be a useful and entertaining addition to your horse’s education, increase his attention span, and even his value. You can begin teaching tricks to a weanling of any breed or sex (outstanding for the horse not yet under saddle) right up to a senior horse or one that is convalescing. After some basic training in ground control, let the tricks begin!

And you’ll get some gratification, too. First, in just a few minutes a day trick-training, you’ll see marvelous changes in the horse you love. He’ll get brighter, more interesting and shine with intelligence. You’ll learn how to communicate with him on a finer and higher level-and he’ll learn to communicate with you. You, not only he, will get attention and praise. You’ll both be the superstars of the barn.

Carole Fletcher offers Trickonometry (Trick Horse Training) clinics, traveling to your private or public facility, as well as at her Ocala, FL (“horse capital of the world”) training center for all disciplines, from 4H and Pony Clubs to Dressage organizations. Her experience as a clinician includes some of the best-known horse expos and shows: Equitana, Equine Affaire, National and World Shows. She has authored two best-selling training books: Trickonometry and Advanced Trickonometry and an entire Trickonometry DVD Series, containing both ground and mounted instruction.

Ready for the most fun you can have with your horse? Then host a Trickonometry clinic at your barn or horse show for 1-4 days. Up to twelve horses can be accommodated and unlimited auditors. Add this clinic to your schedule and see what a draw it is. For more info, contact: or 1-877-HORSE OK