Training the Whole Horse(R) Clinics & Demos

Training the Whole HorseR

Clinics & Demos

Horse trainer and instructor Missy Wryn begins bi-monthly Training the Whole HorseR clinics and demonstrations starting August 2009 through October 2009 at the Natural Horsemanship Center of Oregon. As the founder of Training the Whole HorseR Missy empowers her students and audience with the understanding of Four Core Emotional Concerns humans and horses share. Through this understanding deeper communication between horse and rider develops creating confidence and trust generating a safer relationship.

Missy’s Three Foundations that every horse must understand to be with people are taught as non-negotiable. These Three Foundations invoke the horse’s natural instinct to recognize the handler as the horse’s herd leader. “Since horses are genetically wired to require a herd leader at all times and horses consider you a herd member you must be the horse’s herd leader within your herd of two to be safer” Missy says.

The Five Fundamentals that Translate Under Saddle for a Safer Ride are simple steps applied every time before riding. “It’s like a preflight check” Missy adds. Applying the Five Fundamentals provides your horse the consistent leadership your horse requires to relax and be confident creating a safer ride. Once you and your horse understand the Five Fundamentals it only takes five minutes to warm your horse up and go.

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Missy Wryn is the founder of WHolistic Horsemanship Training the Whole HorseR, IRON FREE Riding, and HorseMAREshipT plus inventor of the ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter Bitless Bridle. Specializing in problem and dangerous horses Missy has developed a unique approach to training horses and riding Iron Free. Training the Whole HorseR is the foundation to Missy’s innovative and simpler approach to training your horse using effective communication that your horse will understand, honor and respect while having fun and being safer riding Iron Free (no bits – no spurs). Check Missy’s schedule for appearances and demonstrations in your area at , or call 866-821-0374 for further information.

Missy Wryn is also CEO and founder of Nature’s Balance Care, LLCR. Nature’s Balance CareR is the manufacturer of organic approved (OMRI) fly control skin care products for dogs, horses and organic livestock. Visit