Delta Boot by Cavallo Now Available with Farriers Worldwide

Delta Boot by Cavallo now available with farriers worldwide

Delta Horseshoes merged with the Mustad Group as of January 1, 2009 to become Delta/Mustad Hoofcare. They are now including the Delta Boot, developed and manufactured by Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc., in their range of hoofcare products. The Delta Boot will be offered in Delta/Mustad’s farrier supply channel throughout their worldwide distribution chain.

Earlier this year, Cavallo’s CEO Greg Giles visited with the Delta/Mustad Group at the American Farriers Association Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the South American executives in Santiago, Chile, and the Australian offices. The entire group is excitedly looking forward to offering the Delta boot to their customers.

Greg comments, “The esteemed company Mustad, international leader in farrier supplies, is now offering the Cavallo Delta Boot worldwide. This is not only an endorsement of our company but is also an acknowledgment that booting horses is here to stay. It is evidence that the booting market has come of age, and now riders will have the farriers’ expertise to assist them in booting their horses and providing a proper barefoot trim. We at Cavallo are proud that our work is coming to fruition, and that Cavallo boots will be easily accessible for horse owners around the world.”

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