Zephyr’s Garden Thrush & Hoof Fungus Spray Now Available


 Zephyr’s Garden offers a natural alternative for Bacterial & Fungal Hoof Infections

 SANTA BARBARA, CA – August 12, 2009 – After over a year of product testing, Zephyr’s Garden Thrush & Hoof Fungus Spray is now available. Test results from all over the country have been very positive toward this natural solution that cures bacterial and fungal hoof ailments such as Thrush, White Line, and Seedy Toe.  From horse owners to farriers to natural trimmers; everyone found this natural product to be highly effective. 

The Zephyr’s Garden Thrush & Hoof Fungus Spray is composed of essential oils and tinctures, all chosen for their effectiveness in battling thrush and hoof fungus.  Available in a 16 ounce bottle with a trigger spray head, it’s easy to use, easy to direct the liquid into hard to get hoof crevices, and contains no artificial dyes or preservatives. 

 “Once again I was presented with a health issue for Zephyr that resulted in a new product for Zephyr’s Garden,” stated company owner and founder Georgette Topakas.  “He was chronically battling bacterial and fungal hoof infections. One trim he’d look great, we wouldn’t change a thing, and the next trim he had problems again.  I needed a product that could be used preventively and when problems were evident.  Another goal for the product was to help us make it through our very wet California winters.  We may be bone dry in the summer, but from November through March we have a lot of moisture in the ground which always exacerbated his hoof condition.”

 Zephyr’s Garden Thrush & Hoof Fungus Spray is not only effective in curing current cases of hoof Thrush and fungus; it also works as an excellent preventative when used weekly or whenever the odor of Thrush is apparent.  With the wet season fast approaching the southern and western parts of the United States, this new product should find an eager audience looking to move away from chemical hoof applications. 

 Zephyr’s Garden Thrush & Hoof Fungus Spray is available online at www.ZephyrsGarden.com and will soon be stocked by tack stores across the country. 

 For more information on Zephyr’s Garden visit www.ZephyrsGarden.com, call 805-448-0390 or e-mail Georgette Topakas at gtopakas@zephyrsgarden.com.   We also can be viewed on Facebook .