Zephyr’s Garden Now Carried by Back in the Saddle Catalog


Back In The Saddle features three products from Zephyr’s Garden

SANTA BARBARA, CA – June 30, 2009 – Zephyr’s Garden, founded by Georgette Topakas, was created in Spring 2007 after her horse, Zephyr, suffered from White Line Disease and required a one year pasture lay-up. Topakas, a former pharmaceutical marketing CEO, was frustrated with the lack of natural products on the market for horses and decided to start her own line that is herbal based, effective, and safe to handle.

Zephyr’s Garden a natural, chemical free horse care product line, is now being carried by Back In The Saddle catalog. The catalog has selected Zephyr’s Garden most popular products: Zephyr’s Garden Anti-Fungal Salve, Zephyr’s Garden Stop The Itch Salve, and Zephyr’s Garden Pure & Simple Fly Spray.

About the Anti-Fungal Salve

The Anti-Fungal Salve is effective in curing Rain Rot, Scratches, Ringworm, and various fungal conditions. Chosen as “Top Product of the Year” by California Riding Magazine in 2008, it is one of the top sellers for the company. Made with a proprietary blend of herbs in an Olive Oil and Beeswax base, this salve is a powerful alternative to pharmaceutical fungal preparations.

About the Stop The Itch Salve

Zephyr’s Garden Stop The Itch Salve is excellent for Sweet Itch, Hives, and Bug Bites. It naturally relieves the itch, stops the rubbing, and starts the healing and hair re-growth. The salve forms a protective and waterproof barrier over the affected area, ensuring that it is healing even if your horse is sweaty after a strenuous ride.

About the Pure & Simple Fly Spray

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in a bottle of fly spray? If so, you will realize why Zephyr’s Garden Pure & Simple Fly Spray belongs in your grooming box! This fly spray contains all natural ingredients that repels flies for hours, and has a pleasant smell. With a base of Wormwood Herb and Apple Cider Vinegar, it also is an excellent coat conditioner. With strong sales in Florida, you can be assured this natural fly spray is effective.

Zephyr’s Garden Popularity

Zephyr’s Garden, in addition to being carried by Back In The Saddle catalog is excited to announce that State Line Tack and Country Supply will also be featuring their products. Zephyr’s Garden products offer a natural way to meet your horses needs safely and effectively. This full line of topical products is just what the horse world is looking for!

For more information on Zephyr’s Garden visit www.ZephyrsGarden.com http://www.zephyrsgarden.com/ , call 805-448-0390 or e-mail Georgette Topakas at gtopakas@zephyrsgarden.com . .