Behind the Scenes with Holistic Horse TV

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HH-TV producer/publisher Karen Tappenden has been busy behind the camera building video clips all horse handlers will appreciate.

Karen and Ryan Dohrn of Brain Swell Media, the mastermind behind, spent a day in April with John Nunn of Bit of Britain Tack Shop, shooting informational clips about the products riders ask for in his retail store, mobile tack shop and on-line.

Negotiating one’s way through the myriad products a horse owner/rider needs to compete safely, or simply ride comfortably, can be as challenging as an Olympic course. John not only sells these products, he uses them, regularly competing in Horse Trials along the East Coast. When he’s not in the store or in the saddle, he is sponsoring riders who compete at top levels.

In May, Karen traveled to Kendalwood Farm in Zionsville, PA, an equine rehab and training center where PJ and Tara (Miliziano) Crowley manage a 20-stall barn, train horses for clients to drive and ride, and do therapeutic work. HH partnered with Dr. Patricia Bona, a licensed Equine and Human Chiropractor, to produce instructional video clips on how to check for a pulse in the horse’s leg, therapeutic grooming techniques, and proper English saddle placement.

Another 10 clips were produced with Tara, a massage therapist, laser and magnetic field therapist, saddle fitter, rider and driver. Tara assists PJ in the therapy room when the horses are worked in the Aquaciser tank. This tank can be used to rehab horses coming back from an injury or to keep horses fit.

Tara demonstrates how to put on a bridle, how to give homeopathic remedies, how to massage your horse, and how to trace your horse’s back when looking to buy a new saddle.

All the clips are available for viewing at . “We think these videos will be helpful to new horse people, too,” Karen says.

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