Fun With Goats

Fun With Goats

December 7, 2021 Off By Roberta Johnston

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Thinking about adding goats to your farm? Before you do, make sure your farm is suitable for these comical animals. You can have a lot of fun with goats. Here are a couple factors to think about:

Goats are bred for three main purposes – milk, meat, and backyard pets. Common dairy goats are Oberhasli and Nubians. Some meat goat breeds are Boer and also Nubians. Backyard goats are mainly pygmy goats. Knowing what you want to use these goats for will help you pick what breed is best for you.

Taking Care of Your Goats

Adding these animals to your farm does require some maintenance. Feeding a good quality grass hay will keep their digestive systems healthy. Keep in mind that wethers can’t have alfalfa because it can cause urinary calculi which is a life threatening emergency. Trimming hooves is important because it prevents them from going lame and keeps them active. Goats can be very simple to maintain if you keep them healthy and regularly deworm and vaccinate.

Goats are meant to be kept in a herd. Yes you can double or triple your fun with goats! They don’t like to be alone. It is best to keep multiple goats together.  If that is not possible, most goats get along with sheep, horses, and donkeys.

Pygmy goats along with many other breeds are very social. This makes them a great family pet, especially to families with young children. Have fun adding a new herd to your farm!