TEJAS Rodeo hosts 1st Annual Cody Lawrence Breakaway and Tie Down Calf Roping

TEJAS Rodeo hosts 1st Annual Cody Lawrence Breakaway and Tie Down Calf Roping

January 11, 2021 Off By Roberta Johnston

When the Lawrence family contacted Yancey James and Trey Martin, owners of TEJAS Rodeo in Bulverde, Texas, about having the First Annual Cody Lawrence (pictured right) Calf Roping, they said, “Where else would you have it?” South Texas was well represented, and I guess all of us knew Cody Lawrence, many meeting him and watching him rope right here at the TEJAS Rodeo Arena.

With 30 in the Girls Breakaway Roping and 50 in the Handicap Tie Down, the ropings were exciting and successful. Rylie Smith won the Breakaway with 9.36 on 3 calves and Reg Curly won the 6 calf tie down average with a 57.43.

Father of Cody Lawrence, Donnie riding into roping box

Overseeing each roper throughout the day, were both Trey and Yancey. Both Rodeo Athletes, themselves, Trey was competing in the Tie Down and Yancey’s daughter, Josey James competed in the Breakaway. Names such as Blandford and Smith were backing into the box. Two generations of Blandfords’ roped. When I first moved to San Antonio in 1983, I lived on none other than Blandford Lane! I barely even knew the name back then, moving here after college out in California. I soon learned that most of the roping calves for the Rodeos and Ropings here in South Texas came from right there on my road! 40 years later, the Blandford are still providing the best calves available and they are third generation Calf Ropers! An exciting silent auction was held in the name of the Cody Lawrence Scholarship Fund. Dr. Keith Huffman of Retama Equine Center was supporting the event by both roping and giving a sponsorship.

When I talked with Robert Blandford (pictured left with Sherri Mell) about the roping, he said there’s even some boys here from the panhandle! It was Robert’s 70th birthday and he roped and tied them good enough to get some of the prize money throughout the day. 🎠