Southwest Reining Horse Association Futurity Show adds Second Slate of NRHA Classes

440The Southwest Reining Horse Association is one of the National Reining Horse Association’s largest and most successful affiliate groups, and it celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014. Throughout its history, the association has worked to provide benefits for members, while promoting reining horses and the reining horse industry. 

Besides producing a key Futurity yearly, the Board of Directors of the association has focused on attracting new members and providing quality show opportunities. A new step in that direction comes in 2015 with the addition of a second slate of NRHA classes to its keynote annual event, the SWRHA Futurity and Show, set for October 19-25 this year. 

According to association management, this change is in response to feedback from the reining community. “With the cost of hauling and showing, we’ve received requests from people who would like the opportunity to show twice in one trip, and this new venue is in response to that,” said SWRHA President Kathy McCutcheon. 

She continued, “With the addition of a second slate of ancillary classes, we will be using a second arena. There will be NO change to the available time for futurity horses in our main coliseum . Slate one will also show as usual in the main arena and our new slate two classes will be held in the ancillary arena.” 

There’s more news. “We will have more classes, more dollars and circuit hi point awards! We have Green Reiner classes and Ride and Slide as well.” 

Often tagged “Where the Best Go First,” the SWRHA Futurity is a must-attend event for futurity horses. For most, it is the final stop before the National Reining Horse Association Futurity in Oklahoma City. Now with this expanded schedule, it provides that same advantage for the horses that are shown in ancillary classes.  For information on the Southwest Reining Horse Association and its events, visit