Illuminated Hoof Pick A Hit At Tack Stores

October 3, 2012 Off By Roberta Johnston

If you’re a horse owner, one of your favorite places to shop is a tack store. Tack stores carry all of the items you need for your horses plus many items that are just hitting the shelves. One of those items is the illuminated hoof pick made by MJ Equine Tools, Inc. And, it’s becoming a popular seller for tack stores.

Keeping your horse’s feet cleaned from debris can keep your horse healthy and happy. However, it can be a challenge to keep those feet clean, especially in dark areas of the stalls or in places where it’s hard to reach. That’s what the inventors of the Illuminated hoof pick thought. So, using their talents they came up with a hoof pick with a light in it. Now, no matter where or when you are doing this on your horse, you can see the entire foot! No more holding a flashlight in your mouth or asking someone to stand by with the light. Just push a button and viola, the light that you need to do a great job is there! Retailing for only $19.95 this is a must tool for your horse!

Here’s what some of the tack stores of the Illuminated Hoof Pick have to say:

“The Illuminated Hoof Pick can be a valuable, versatile tool for riders who compete in the sport of Endurance Riding. During a 100 mile event, riders are preparing their horses, starting a ride, finishing a ride and providing after-care in the dark hours of the night. Any light for any task is a welcome relief and definitely contributes to safety. Each rider typically has a crew that meets the competitor on trail to provide care to the horse and rider, helping to keep the horse fit to continue. Besides lighting the task of cleaning hooves, the water resistant Illuminated Hoof Pick will handily work in other situations, such as…crew flashlight, camp location light or crew bag location light. If carried in a competitor’s saddle bag, it would offer the versatility of hoof pick, flashlight AND it can be hung from the tack as a spare light (in case of a situation when a rider’s lighted/reflective tack is lost or failed,” states Mary Watkins of SlypnerGear. SlypnerGear is a retail tack store in Claremont NH, specializing in saddles, clothing and equipment for Endurance Riders, Competitive Trail Riders and Pleasure Trail Riders. They offer shopping convenience via website and catalog sales. Slypner is known as “The Complete Source For The Trail Horse”. For additional information please visit

“We are always looking for unique products for the horse owner. When we came across the illuminated hoof pick we knew it was an item our customer’s would love! It makes picking hooves in poorly lit barn aisles easier”, says Giiny Poomije, co-owner of Big Black Horse Tack. For more info please visit

MJ Equine Tools is seeking additional retailers for the product and if you are interested in carrying this product in your store, please call 877-57-EQUUS or email You may also visit their website