Ceva Offers First FDA-Approved Affordable Alternative to Control Mare Heat Cycles

Ceva Animal Health announces the release of Altresyn,® the first FDA-approved generic altrenogest, for the control of mare estrus (heat). Altresyn is the generic equivalent to Regu-Mate® from Merck Animal Health. Altresyn is available from veterinarians and offered in a 1,000 mL bottle with a dosing rate of 1 mL/110 lbs. The availability of Altresyn provides horse owners an alternative to regulate their mare’s estrus cycle, without compromising quality and safety.

Altresyn (altrenogest) is indicated for the suppression of estrus, to allow for predictable occurrence of estrus following drug withdrawal in mares. Estrus suppression can facilitate:

* Attainment of regular cyclicity during transition from winter anestrus to the physiological breeding season.

* Management of prolonged estrus conditions.

* Scheduling of breeding during the physiological breeding season.

“For many owners of competition and breeding mares the regulation of estrus cycles is a necessary routine. Altresyn offers those owners another option to the only other FDA-approved product,” said Steve Hoffman, Director of Marketing for companion animals, Ceva Animal Health. “Owners can feel confident knowing they’re getting the same consistent quality altrenogest they’ve become accustomed to, with all the benefits a generic provides.”

Altresyn is contraindicated for use in mares with a previous or current history of uterine inflammation. Talk to your veterinarian about the proper use and safe handling of Altresyn. Avoid skin contact and always wear protective gloves when administering. Pregnant women, or women who suspect they are pregnant, should not handle Altresyn.

For more information about Altresyn, talk to your veterinarian or visit www.altresyn.com.

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