Well-Horse Announces New Product for Equine Canker “Purple Mush”

March 8, 2012 Off By Roberta Johnston


After nearly two hundred test cases, Well-Horse has officially launched its’ “Purple Mush” cure for Canker. This salve, made from Amazon plant resin, works almost immediately, is easy to apply, all natural and affordable. Created by Well-Horse founder and Master Farrier Coco Fernandez, Purple Mush already has a strong grass roots following due to its’ miracle-like qualities. Feedback from veterinarians, farriers, hoof trimmers, trainers, breeders and horse owners has been very positive. The testing phase is over and now you can purchase Purple Mush online at www.well-horse.com.

No one knows what causes Canker. It is widely thought of as an external infection but could be systemic. Since Canker is an infection of the equine frog, sole, bars, hoof wall and/or heel, it first presents like thrush but upon investigation, you will see that it is more like a mushroom overgrowth that looks somewhat similar to cottage cheese and smells really bad. Current Thrush remedies (other than Thrush Off) are ineffective in the treatment of Canker. What most vets prescribe is to have a veterinary surgeon abrade the area to remove the infected tissue. Afterwards, twice daily, there is a mixture of products that you must apply, along with vet wrap to the foot and affix a waterproof boot.

Purple mush is much less expensive than all the other remedies and, it works fast. Within two weeks of applying Purple Mush, severe cases of canker are GONE. To read more or purchase Purple Mush, the miracle Canker cure, go to www.Well-Horse.com.

Like all Well-Horse products, Purple Mush is 100% Natural. Purple Mush has proven itself highly successful in the treatment of equine Canker, White line and Abscesses. The cost is $100/hoof for a standard size horse and $200/hoof for a large draft horse. The container includes instructions, a glove and enough hoof packing product to conduct two 5 day hoof packing campaigns.

About Well-Horse

Well-Horse is a young company dedicated to the creation and development of equine organic products. The founder, Coco Fernandez, Master Farrier, operates a successful equine orthopedics farrier service on the Central Coast of California. Well-Horse’s hoof product “Thrush Off” and its’ flagship product, Well-Horse Antibacterial Resin were selected as best products by the Horse Journal. Thrush Off topped all herbal products for elimination of Thrush and is successful in the treatment/prevention of thrush, abscesses, quarter cracks, white line disease, etc. Well-Horse Antibacterial Resin regenerates tissue on wounds by promoting the formation of new collagen. Well-Horse also kills fungal and bacterial micro-agents on contact, without burning or irritating the skin. It works well and fast on Scratches, Dew Poisoning, Rain Rot, Ring Worm, Poison Oak, Poison Ivy and more. It re-grows damaged hair follicles and allows the natural hair color to return to injured areas.