New TRI-CareR Triple Action Wound Treatment 14-Ounce Size

July 20, 2011 Off By Roberta Johnston

New TRI-CareR Triple Action Wound Treatment 14-Ounce Size is Ideal for Horse Owners with Multiple Horses and for Boarding Facilities

TRI-CareR Triple Action Wound Treatment has been empowering horse owners to help in their horse’s healing process for more than eight years. Now this popular wound treatment formula is available in a 14-ounce size that is ideal for horse owners with multiple horses and for boarding facilities.

“Dealing with minor wounds is a typical part of caring for horses,” said Alyssa Barngrover, brand manager, Farnam Horse Products. “When you see that your horse is hurt you just want to be able to do something to help quickly.”

TRI-CareR Triple Action Wound Treatment addresses the three main concerns that horse owners have with wound care: 1 – it aids in wound cleansing, 2- it helps prevent infection, and 3 – it aids in pain relief.

“TRI-CareR wound treatment enables you to do something to help the healing process,” added Barngrover.

TRI-CareR Triple Action Wound Treatment features powerful salicylic acid and tea tree oil, which have hygienic properties to help prevent infection and help relieve topical conditions that may have an underlying origin. The benzocaine and menthol aid in pain relief while emu oil and tea tree oil help promote healing. It conditions the edges of wounds, softens and loosens crusts from Scratches and won’t dry out superficial wounds. This ointment also provides an insect, water and germ barrier.

TRI-CareR Triple Action Wound Treatment may be used on cuts, minor lacerations, skin abrasions, scrapes, bite and kick wounds, rope burns, skin irritations, rubbed skin, blanket rubs, chapping, saddle sores, girth galls, dry patches, Scratches (dew poisoning, greasy heels and mud fever), stings and insect bite sensitivities plus it has a scab-softening effect.

TRI-CareR Triple Action Wound Treatment remains available in the traditional 4-ounce size, in a new triangular-shaped box, that is perfect for the tack box or traveling to shows with your horse. It is also an effective wound treatment for dogs.

For money saving coupons visit the FarnamR Horse Products website at — $1.00 off a 4-ounce tube or $1.50 off the new 14-ounce jar.

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