Pegasus Television Network Soon Out the Gate

May 10, 2011 Off By Roberta Johnston

Pegasus Television Network Launching in Six Television Markets:

Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Fresno, Bakersfield and Santa Barbara First out the Gate

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When PegasusTV launches its first affiliated television channels in six U.S. cities and their surrounding areas later this month, more than 28,000,000 million people representing over 11,000,000 households in will be able to tune into their own local horse channels.

The network brings a new and customized approach to providing horse-focused programming to thousands of television viewers in each local market. Since each local television channel also has its own online “mirrored” streaming version, thousands more are also expected to tune in each month via the Internet.

More than 20 other television markets have been identified and are optioned for the continued expansion of the network. The combined reach – without counting Internet viewers in Canada and other countries – will be almost 100,000,000 people.

Lesley O’Connor, regional sales manager for the network in Texas, said, “The fact that I can guarantee to all of my potential advertising clients in the Houston and Dallas markets that just about 100% of their targeted customers can access the local PegasusTV channel is great.”

She continued, “The people I speak with on a daily basis can’t believe that they can advertise on television to a niche audience for less than their print or Internet advertising costs – and reach so many potential customers. It’s wonderful for those companies who want to target more than one market at the same time in a regional campaign, because they can combine their dollar and frequency levels to take advantage of all the discounts we can offer to them.”

Advertiser/investor packages are also available to companies seeking long-term, branding relationships with the network which can provide not only deep, across-the-board advertising discounts but also equity positions in the parent company.

One of the key components of the network is the no-cost airtime provided on weekends to equestrian and ag-focused organizations and educational institutions, enabling them to reach members, students and interested individuals via mass media.

I have long believed that the horse industry and all those equestrian communities whose members support the companies and service providers in that industry not only need to reach out to each other, but also to have easy access to the general public,” said Sally Lasater, president of the network.

“Certainly we need to grow the industry, but first we need to concentrate on maintaining it. We must replenish those thousands of people who have sustained our industry for so many years through their love and admiration of the horse. We must educate and entertain the youth of our country as well as those people in our communities who would like to be involved but don’t know how or can’t afford to be at this moment in their lives. I have always believed that television is both the educator and the means for carrying the message. It’s just not about watching horse trainers or horse shows on television . . . it’s about education, entertainment, exposure and involvement – – and local television can do that.”

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