Hannah Goodson Earns Top Honors in Junior Hunters at Kentucky Spring Classic

Today was another beautiful sunny day at the Kentucky Spring Classic, held at the prestigious Kentucky Horse Park. The Stonelea Arena presented championship honors in the Junior Hunter Divisions as they wrapped-up their second day of competition. Hannah Goodson-Cutt earned two tricolors with her mounts Caretano and Superman in the Junior 16-17 Hunter Divisions. Catherine Tyree also earned championship and reserve championship awards with her mounts Savant and Concetto in the Junior 16-17 Hunter Divisions.

The Small Junior 16-17 Hunter Division awarded championship honors to Hannah Goodson-Cutt and Caretano. The duo earned three blue ribbons, and red and yellow ribbons to secure the championship honors.

“He was good in all his rounds,” noted Goodson-Cutt. “Yesterday, he was good in all his rounds. He went amazing and I was very happy with our results. Today was also good and he feels really great and feels soft and I am excited for how he will be at Devon.”

Goodson-Cutt added, “I thought the courses were nice. I preferred the second day because the lines rode a little softer and it was a little bit bigger. I liked the handy, it gave you some room to be tidy without having to decide between going inside or outside. This is my first time coming to Kentucky, but it was good preparation to do one week on the East Coast before going off to Devon. The competition here helps prepare you for Devon.”

Catherine Tyree and Concetto took home the reserve championship in the Small Junior 16-17 Hunters. This week, they earned two first place ribbons, and a second place ribbon for their efforts during the competition. Tyree took home another tricolor, this time earning the championship honors in the Large Junior 16-17 Hunters. Tyree and Savant earned two first place ribbons and a fourth place ribbon to earn the championship honors.

“Both days Savant came out and was really great. He was really consistent and jumped really well,” said Tyree. “We are preparing for Devon. I thought today the lines were open just like they will be for Devon, so I thought it was good preparation. The handy had some turns and options for inside turns, which was also good preparation and I thought he handled it all really well. I love the footing here and the jumps always look great.”

Hannah Goodson-Cutt earned her second tricolor aboard Superman. Goodson-Cutt earned the reserve championship prize in the Large Junior 16-17 Hunters with her talented mount Superman. The pair earned a first, second, and fourth place ribbons to take home the reserve championship honors.

“He was really good. We progressed through the entire two days. The first day the ring was a little smaller so the lines were shorter and adjusting to that was a little difficult,” noted Goodson-Cutt. “My rounds today were really good. We finished on a strong note after my second round and had a really good handy with a score of 88.”

Chloe Reid took home the championship honors in the Large Junior 15 & Under Hunter Division with Pavarotti. Reid and Pavarotti earned three blue ribbons and yellow and white to take home the championship prize.

“He has had a great weekend and a great two weeks. I started riding him at the end of the circuit in Florida. The Kesslers were nice enough to give him to me to ride,” noted Reid. “He is amazing and is so fun. I have only done a few shows with him. He is similar to most of my other rides so it has been easy starting a relationship with him. Hopefully, it is just going to keep getting better. I like it here because the footing is great and there is a lot in my division, so it is good competition.”

Victoria Colvin earned the reserve championship in the Large Junior 15 & Under Hunters with Scott Stewart’s Touchdown. The pair earned a first place ribbon, second place ribbon and two fourth place ribbons for their efforts throughout the division.

Victoria Colvin continued to do well in this week’s Junior Hunter competition, this time taking the home the championship ribbon in the Small Junior 15 & Under Hunter Division with Sanzibar. They earned three blue ribbons and two red ribbons securing the championship prize. Colvin also took home the reserve championship ribbon with Ariel. The pair earned a first place ribbon and two second place ribbons.

Today marked the conclusion of the Kentucky Spring Horse Shows. This year’s show was a great success and was enjoyed by many top competitors from across the country. Beginning on the July 27, 2011, the Kentucky Summer Horse Shows will get underway at the Kentucky Horse Park.

For more information about the Kentucky Spring Horse Shows, please visit www.kentuckyhorseshows.com .

Photo: Hannah Goodson-Cutt and Caretano at the Kentucky Spring Classic Photo Credit: Holly Whiteman Photograph may be used only in relation to this PMG press release.