American Saddlebred Registry One-Time Amnesty on Registration and Transfer Late Fees to Begin in May


The American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) will offer amnesty on late fees for Registrations and Transfers submitted in May or June of 2011.

To encourage registration of older horses, the Registry Board, in recognition of the state of the economy, has voted that during the months of May and June this year, the fee for all registrations received or postmarked during this amnesty period will remain set at $45, regardless of the horse’s age. An Application for Registration form can be found at .

Amnesty will also be granted for Transfer late fees during this period. The standard $50 Transfer fee will still apply to all transfers; however, any late fees accrued at the usual $10-per-month rate will not be assessed for transfers received or postmarked during this period. A Transfer Report form can be found on the ASHA website, at

It should be noted that, along with the necessary registration or transfer documentation, the full $45 Registration or $50 Transfer fee must also be received or postmarked during this period, in order to qualify. Also, this one-time limited offering of amnesty is for late fees only. If applicable, any other registry fees will still be required (DNA testing, unregistered foal transfers, affidavits for lost certificates, etc).

Once this amnesty period has passed, the standard fee schedule will resume for both registrations and transfers.

Questions can be directed to Katriona Adams at (859) 475-1460 or by email to

For further information, contact: American Saddlebred Horse Association 4083 Iron Works Parkway Lexington, KY 40511 859-259-2742 (p) 859-259-1628 (f)