Nordic Lights Farms Dominates Zone 7 in 2010

Throughout the year, Nordic Lights Farm has consistently earned top ribbons at competitions throughout the country. Sisters Eirin and Lene Bruheim have each done so well with their talented string of horses that they won the year-end prize for Zone 7 in their divisions. As they look back over their accomplishments in 2010, both of the talented junior riders feel well prepared for the 2011 show season.

Eirin showed in the Junior Jumper division throughout the year, taking home the top honors in Zone 7 with Cicero75, as well as placing second with NLF Trans Atlantic, third with Qarco V’T Merelsnest, seventh on Eternity 18, and ninth on Felix das Pferd. This is the second year in a row that Eirin has won her Zone, last year capturing the top prize with NLF Trans Atlantic. Her excellent efforts throughout the year earned her the opportunity to represent the United States at the 2010 Youth Olympics. Eirin has also had the chance to compete in multiple grand prix events, including World Cup Qualifiers. She wrapped up the 2010 season by garnering the Kevin Cleveland Memorial Trophy for the second year in a row. This prestigious award is given to the Leading Open Jumper Rider from the Great Southwest Autumn Classic and the Final Chase Horse Shows.

“This has truly been amazing year,” said Eirin. “Competing at the Youth Olympics was a wonderful experience and stepping up to the bigger grand prix classes has been very exciting. My horses were in top condition and worked hard to please me. I am very happy to end my junior years with these accomplishments; 2010 be an amazing year to remember.”

Lene also had a fantastic 2010 season, winning the High Children’s Jumper division for Zone 7 with NLF Valhall and the Children’s Hunter division with NLF Casabella. She also led the nation going into the WIHS and NAL Children’s Jumper Finals with NLF Valhall. This year the talented rider had over 110 victories with just two horses and hopes to continue her success as she moves into the Junior divisions for 2011.

“Both of my horses have been superstars this year and it has been amazing,” commented Lene. “This was my first year competing at Indoors and both of my horses took really good care of me. It’s just been one of those years where everything has clicked and we’re all ready to step it up for the new show year. I have a feeling that they’ll keep up their amazing attitudes and personalities, which is one of the things I love about them.”

Top professional Peter Pletcher also represented Nordic Light’s Farm during the 2010 show season, competing with NLF Shakespeare’s Rhythm in the Second Year Green Working Hunter division and the Hunter Derby classes. The pair earned numerous top ribbons throughout the country, and Pletcher now trains the girls in their respective divisions.

Nordic Lights Farm and the Bruheim Family is very proud of its success in 2010 and is excited to continue participating in and supporting the sport they love in the coming year.

Nordic Lights Farm is a 70-acre establishment located in Tomball, TX, that was founded in 2007 by the Bruheim family to help further the equestrian goals of 18-year-old Eirin Bruheim and 16-year-old Lene Bruheim. Both girls have worked their way up through the ranks and are currently competing at the top levels in the hunter and jumper divisions aboard their incredible string of horses.

Lene Bruheim

Eirin Bruheim

Photo Credit: (top) Lene and (bottom) Eirin Bruheim both had incredible success throughout the year in their respective divisions to score the Zone 7 year-end titles. Photo By: Shawn McMillen.