2011 Region 9 Show Judges Suggestions and Feedback Request

Mark your calendars for the 2011 Region 9 Championship Show, scheduled for June 15-18, 2011 at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, TX. The Executive Show Committee [ESC] for 2011 consists of Kristen Fisher – Show Manager, Pat Barton – Region 9 Director, Lisa Skalski – Class and Schedule Management, Kathy Braden – Working Western, and Diane Mack.

The ESC strives to provide an enjoyable and rewarding show experience for all exhibitors, as this is your AHA Regional Show. Thus we have developed a process by which our exhibitors can provide feedback to the ESC that will provide us time to evaluate requests and accommodate changes where feasible, in the following areas:

Judges: The ESC has maintained a “rolling” list of judge suggestions for Region 9 that includes 2011 candidates and is posted at region9aha.org/Regional_Show.html. Judges who have officiated the past several years are also listed, and their names will not be considered if submitted. Any feedback or suggested additions to the list must be sent to Pat Barton patbarton1@msn.com no later than October 20, 2010.

Class Schedule/Class List: Currently the ESC is planning to offer all class categories offered for the 2010 show, although some classes with previously low numbers of exhibitors may be combined. We will post a TENTATIVE 2011 Show Schedule at region9aha.org/Regional_Show.html. Schedule change requests will be evaluated by the overall impact of the change to the existing schedule, and accommodations will be made if possible. Requests for additional classes are not guaranteed, but will be evaluated on their appeal to the general exhibitor population and by their impact to the overall show schedule.

Other Show Areas: Feedback on the Commercial Exhibits, Patrons Lounge, Box Seating, Exhibitor’s Party, or any other aspect of the Region 9 Championship Show is welcome.

FEEDBACK PROCESS: All requests must be submitted to the ESC in writing, and must contain the name, email address, and phone number of the requestor [so we can follow up for clarification if needed]. Please be as specific as possible so the ESC can properly evaluate the request. All requests must be submitted by Dec 15, 2010 – no exceptions. Feedback can be emailed to region9show@earthlink.net, faxed to 940-498-4290, or mailed to 1595 Redwood Drive, Corinth TX, 76210.

Thank you in advance for helping us continually improve the Region 9 Show experience.

2011 Region 9 Championship Executive Show Committee region9show@earthlink.net

WWW.REGION9AHA.ORG – Region 9’s Official Website!