BioThane Launches New Website

September 28, 2010 Off By Roberta Johnston

BioThaneR is proud to announce the launch of their new equestrian website. The new site will be a resource for riders not only to learn about BioThaneR tack, but also find dealers, watch videos and request product samples. Distributors, wholesales and retailers will also find informational sections that suit their needs. BioThaneR is a reliable coated webbing that is used to make bridles, halters, leads, breastcollars, harness and just about every other type of tack. Manufactured for more than 30 years by BioPlastics, BioThaneR has been the choice of equestrians, as well as in other applications, including elite athletics, mountain climbing, military, world-class amusement parks and more.

“We are very excited to launch our new site,” says Ethan Boron, President of BioPlastics Company, the manufacturer of BioThaneR. “The equestrian segment of our business continues to grow so we wanted to create a resource where riders could find everything they want to know about BioThaneR.”

Visitors can check it out at . FAQs, photo galleries, testimonials and news are just some of the sections that visitors will enjoy.

Boron continues, “Basically we took all of the feedback we had received from our customers and distilled it into the information that people really wanted. Then we put it on the new site.” For example, people really wanted to see what BioThaneR tack looks like when it’s used in a very traditional way, such as in the hunter or reining classes. Several photo galleries and videos showcase BioThaneR tack in action.

Available in a variety of widths and colors, BioThaneR is a coated webbing that is a time-tested leather-alternative used to make tack. Traditional brown and black are popular for harness, bridles, halters, and other tack. While endurance and eventing riders favor hot-pink, green, purple, red, white and blue.

Among BioThane’sR characteristics are that it feels and looks like quality leather, but with several distinct advantages, including easy care. It is also mold and mildew resistant and non-absorbent, providing a safe, clean environment for the horse’s skin that is exposed to sweat and water, such as endurance, trail and eventing horses or any high-performance horse. BioThaneR also remains flexible in cold temperatures and offers uniform strength and 20% lighter weight than leather.

Bridles, halters, harness, tie-downs, breastcollars and other tack made from BioThaneR are available at fine tack stores nationwide. To order online or find a store visit www.biothanehorse. 

About BioThaneR BioThaneR has been manufactured in the USA for more than 30 years by experienced engineers and operators. Quality control is assured in a proprietary process that is accountable to a documented Quality Management System. BioThane’sR 50 colors, 14 widths and three strengths are available in more than 20 countries worldwide.