Dirty Jobs Made Easy with eZall Sheath Cleaner

March 20, 2010 Off By Roberta Johnston

For many horse owners, sheath cleaning is a daunting task. When it comes down to tackling this task, eZall Sheath Cleaner provides you with a new and effective formula for even the dirtiest jobs.

At least every six months, a horse’s sheath needs to be cleaned of built up smegma and debris. Smegma is simply a collection of dirt and bodily excretions that build up inside the sheath. Healthy microorganisms live inside the horse’s sheath, so you do not want to use an antibacterial soap for cleansing; instead, use eZall Sheath Cleaner to remove unwanted bacteria and debris.

eZall Sheath Cleaner is made from a key non-ionic surfactant system derived from soy, corn, palm and cotton seed oils, their alcohols, fatty acids, esters and other related materials. Because of it’s natural ingredients derived from renewable resources, it rinses out easily, won’t leave a residue on skin and helps speed up the cleansing process.

“I really like it because it is easy to use and healthier than other products because it is all natural,” says Jason Goodman of Priefert Texas Thunder. Goodman manages a herd of 23 Black Percheron Draft Horses, 8 of which tour around the country in a premier draft horse exhibition. His horses perform at a new location each week where they have their sheaths cleaned and are bathed upon their arrival.

In just two to three minutes after application eZall Sheath Cleaner gently loosens smegma for a fast and easy removal. After cleaning, it rinses off easily and won’t even irritate the most sensitive skin. “It is hands down the best product out there and nothing even comes close to what eZall Sheath Cleaner does,” says Goodman.

eZall Sheath Cleaner is also great for cleaning mares before and after breeding or foaling. Gentle yet effective, it’s formula provides a natural solution for stallions, geldings and mares. For more info on eZall Sheath Cleaner visit www.ezall.com or call 1-877-TRY-eZALL.

About eZall

All eZall products are bio-based, non-toxic and environmentally safe. This means that each ingredient in every product is screened for potential human health and environmental effects. Unlike traditional equine and cattle grooming products they do not contain potentially harmful chemicals or components. eZall has gone to great lengths to bring the animal industry quality products that are safe for the users, animals and the environment. For more information about eZall products please visit our web site at http://www.ezall.com/ , or give us a call at 1-877-TRY-eZall.