Monty Roberts and The Flag Is Up Farms Team Joins ACTHA Supporters

Monty Roberts and The Flag Is Up Farms Team Joins ACTHA supporters.

One of the ICON’s of the Horse Industry has signed on as a official sponsor and supporter of ACTHA, The American Competitive Trail Horse Association and Registry. “How appropriate we would ink this deal in the Thanksgiving Season” quotes Tom Scrima, Marketing Director of ACTHA.

ACTHA promotes the sanctioning and registration of trail horses, no matter what breed or no breed throughout the USA. ACTHA has risen to national prominence as the premier sanctioning body of “casual trail competitions” honoring the wonderful trail attributes of the trail horse. Finally someone is elevating this popular activity to a performance stature.

Monty Roberts says trail riding is a important ingredient for all horse’s natural development and health. But what appealed to us most was ACTHA’s mission….

. To provide an enjoyable venue showcasing the wonderful attributes of the great American Trail Horse, granting them the recognition they so richly deserve.

. To maintain a registry open to all breeds and a point designation system which will stay with each horse for its lifetime, thereby adding to their value and distinction.

. To enable the humane treatment of horses in need.

That about sums it up for us, the decision to align ourselves with ACTHA was an easy one” states Debbie Loucks who assists Monty Roberts’ by developing educational products for his concepts.

“Monty’s new Equus Online University got our interest… big time” states Carrie Scrima, one of ACTHA’s Founders. Some of our staff signed up for this inexpensive and extremely rich content course that anyone, new to horse or a seasoned professional, can benefit from. And it’s taken in the comfort of your home and has the convenience of being online!”

Monty Roberts and his Flag Is Up Farms is most noted for his “Join-UpR” techniques of gently training horses to perform to the top of their abilities in “partnership” with the rider. He is widely acclaimed as a best selling author and has had his books, in particular “The Man Who Listens To Horses” on the best selling lists nationally and internationally. “That’s a thing few can say and to have his support is an honor for ACTHA and one we appreciate deeply” states Karen Vangetson Co-Founder of ACTHA. “We are moved that such a dominant figure in the industry would find ACTHA and our goals worthy of his personal attention”.

Currently memberships in ACTHA and registration of trail horses are available for $25 per annum. Each membership comes with $50 worth of free gifts from ACTHA’s major sponsors. ACTHA’s sponsors provide thousands of dollars in awards for each event as well. “Our competitions are local and we do our best to make the value exceptional for our members and competitors.all the while emphasizing our contributions and commitment to equine charities” concludes Tom Scrima.

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ACTHA’s Major Sponsors are The Horse Show with Rick Lamb, Downunder Horsemanship, Cavallo Horse & Rider, Best of America by Horseback, Mayatex, Trail Blazer Magazine, Trail Town USA, Monty Roberts, Life Data Labs, Total Health Enhancement, US Horse Biz and Tucker Saddles.