RELEASES “TEACHING BY ASKING” INSTRUCTIONAL DVDS Eastern Philosophy and Behaviorism Influences Focus on Respect Approach to Equine Behavior and Training

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 9, 2009)—Sam Powell, horse trainer, equine behavior expert and equestrian counsel to the professional and novice, will release two new DVD training videos as an introduction to his “Teaching By Asking” Series from Rocky Comfort Records (home of country music recording artist Tracy Lawrence). The two instructional videos “First Ride” and “Trailer Loading 101” are set to hit retail shelves on October 1, 2009 and highlight Sam’s extraordinary communicative skills with horses, and move viewers to develop a respect for the animal while gaining the mutual sentiment in return from the horse.

In “First Ride” Powell earns the respect of a young colt, using his renowned “gentling” technique. Powell prepares the gelding for his first experience under saddle in front of a live clinic audience. The partner video, “Trailer Loading 101” focuses on making the horse comfortable when preparing to travel in a trailer. Both DVDs feature demonstrations from the ground up as Powell interacts with young horses and their cooperation and interaction is explained and reinforced by step-by-step direction and positive results.

“Ego has no place in the barn,” Sam Powell states in “First Ride.” “You must be open-minded when dealing with a horse. A horse will do what it wants to do but you need to convince the horse he made the decision to follow your directions.”

The effective teachings are as much about the rider as the horse. He expounds on the idea that horses and people have cultural differences, not species differences, and that man’s understanding of the horse and its culture will result in a mutually desirable, fundamental and complimentary relationship.

Grounded in behaviorism, Sam Powell spends time with the horses in the barn, at working ranches and various equine clinics across the country. His teachings are based not on “forcing” the horse, but on positive reinforcement toward the horse. Powell instructs owners to cultivate a partnership in order to successfully “gentle,” as opposed to “breaking” the horse. His approach honors the horse as an animal with a decision-making ability and feeling.

“Riders should always respect the horse and have patience in the process.” Powell advises. “Followers of the clinics must remember the 3R’s: Request, Response and Release.”

In his youth, Sam Powell grew up idolizing the cowboys he saw growing up in his home state of Oklahoma. Following his dream and in the footsteps of his father’s career path, an established owner of an equestrian program, Sam was determined to uphold the family name and trade. His years of experience have taught him that human and equine interaction is rooted in respect, for one’s self and others.

The nature of training with respect moved Powell to look further into behaviorism, Eastern philosophies and Zen culture; after studying the teachings, he began implementing the ideals—incorporating them into his interaction with horses.

Powell’s “First Ride” and “Trailer Loading 101” (the first in the “Teaching By Asking” Series of DVDs) will be released simultaneously and are available at and In Spring 2010, the instructional videos will also be available for purchase at local area feed and tack stores and Sam’s trusted partner and endorser, Purina Mills Feed Stores.

For more than forty years, Sam Powell has perfected his tried and true techniques making him the premiere name in equine training and conditioning. He is the co-author of “Almost a Whisper: A Holistic Approach to Working With Your Horse;” he has appeared in a number of equine publications as well as Southern Living Magazine, Kansas Stockman, HorsePeople and AG Knowledge.

In his years as an equine clinician and professional horse instructor, he has been a trainer to the stars with a client list that includes Reba McEntire, Tanya Tucker and the Metropolitan Nashville Police Mounted Patrol. He also appeared as a special celebrity guest at the John Wayne 100th Anniversary Celebration. In partnership with Lisa Wysocky (equine clinician and motivational speaker, and author of “My Horse, My Partner”), Sam is currently in the process of producing a syndicated talk radio show. Sam and Wysocky are touring this fall as part of The Power Of A Whisper—an educational equine and leadership lecture series.

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