Nature’s Balance Care Introduces the first Botanical all Natural Insect KIT for Dogs

Natures_Balance_careNATURE’S BALANCE CARET

Introduces the Botanical all Natural Insect KIT for Dogs

The ONLY Maker of Organic OMRIR Listed Insect Control for Dogs

Nature’s Balance CareT new Botanical, all natural Insect KIT for Dogs contains the proven Organic OMRIR listed Groomer Concentrate DIP-RINSE-ALL OVER WIPE along with the non-sticky, non-greasy Face Formula for complete healthy natural protection. Nature’s Balance CareT is the ONLY maker of Organic OMRIR listed Insect Control & Skin Care products for Dogs that do not contain Pyrethrin, Pyrethrum, Permethrin or neuro-toxic chemicals.

Insect-Kit-for-DogsThe Insect KIT for Dogs has an SRP of $34.95. Ask for it at your favorite pet store. If they don’t have it tell them to contact Nature’s Balance CareT at 866-821-0374. Ask for what YOU want, healthy natural alternatives from Nature’s Balance Care that are safe for your DOG, YOU and your FAMILY.

Nature’s Balance CareT is the loving dog owner’s SOURCE for safe all natural products since 1994. Visit for product details, prices and information or call 866-821-0374 for a free catalog.