Solid One-Piece Hygiene Shovel

Solid One-Piece Hygiene Shovel

Strong, Safe & Lightweight

Louisville, KY – August 3, 2009 – The Solid One-Piece Hygiene Shovel is made from a solid piece of lightweight high-grade polypropylene. The shovels seamless and nonporous design makes it hard for bacteria and muck to hide in cavities. The Solid One-Piece Hygiene Shovel is designed specifically to avoid bacteria build-up or cross contamination. The shovel has a non-stick surface that can be easily cleaned and disinfected after working with diseased or potentially diseased horses and livestock.

The shovel is virtually unbreakable and won’t crack or chip as a result of frozen muck. The Hygiene Shovel is very light and weighs less than five pounds. And the Hygiene Shovel is perfect for use with all stall bedding including wood shavings, pellets and paper – and it won’t scratch or damage your rubber stall mats.

The Hygiene Shovel is ideal for stable owners, barn managers and equine health professionals. Suggested Retail is $59.95.

The Hygienic Shovel is available online from Union Jack Stable & Garden at or by calling 800-672-8119.

Union Jack Stable & Garden is a direct importer and distributor of hygiene tools for stables, barns and equine health professionals. Union Jack has a large selection of hygiene tools including forks, rakes, shovels and brushes.