Returning Champion Richard Winters Aims to Defend Title at 2010 Road to the Horse

Returning Champion Richard Winters Aims to Defend Title at 2010 Road to the Horse

Like a classic showdown in an old western film, only time will tell which outstanding horseman will claim the Road to the Horse 2010 championship. With all three competitors strapping on their boots and stepping into the arena to give the event their best, returning competitor Richard Winters will defend his title against Craig Cameron and Ken McNabb.

 Having already accomplished winning this spectacular colt-starting competition, Winters “aims high” with the promise to give it his best “shot”. Returning to the Road to the Horse arena on March 6-7, 2010 at Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, this California cowboy says he knows the road may be longer and more difficult than before.

 “With the right circumstances any one of us could win. I have a one in three chance! I know that I’d sure like to win another one of those buckles. I won’t be competing for 2nd place! Let’s see what happens,” exclaims Winters.

 Setting two precedents at Road to the Horse, Winters rode his colt in a halter during the obstacle course and freestyle portion of the competition where he also tracked a calf in the arena. Using the horse’s natural cow instinct along with his cow horse experience, he brought the audience to their feet in sheer amazement.

“Every time I step into a competition like this the dynamics change. The colts will be different, no doubt the colt that I choose will respond differently than my colt from last year. The judges evidently appreciated my particular style of horsemanship last year. I’ll try to approach my colt with the same philosophy and style in 2010 and see how it works out,” says Winters.

 Wowing the judges with his patience and skill in 2009, Winters competed against John Lyons and Tommy Garland to win the championship on the 2006 AQHA bay colt, Plenty Brown Hancock of Bath Brothers Ranch in Laramie, Wyoming. Keeping cool and collected in front of a sold-out crowd of 6,000 people, Winters used his years of experience and California vaquero brand of horsemanship.

 An already accomplished clinician and cow horse trainer, Winters says that he was privileged to have been able to participate in Road to the Horse 2009 and he is doubly honored to be invited back for the 2010 competition.

 “Needless to say I was extremely pleased at being named champion of Road to the Horse 2009. However, I understand that title will not buy me anything in 2010. It’s a brand new set of colts with two new, very talented competitors. We’re all starting at the same spot. I’m going to do the best I can do and let the judges sort it all out,” says Winters.

 Road to the Horse

 Road to the Horse is unlike any other event in the equine or entertainment industry. It is “the original colt starting challenge”. The two-day sold out event matches three of the country’s best horse trainers and clinicians of today against one another as they train unbroken colts to ride in just a few short hours in front of a packed live audience and television cameras. By combining education, edge-of-your-seat suspense, entertainment and the love of the horse, Road to the Horse has been responsible for solidifying the position of today’s horsemanship heroes and launching the careers of tomorrow’s hottest new stars. In the process, the event itself has become a catalyst for the advancement of natural horsemanship. Hosted by Rick Lamb, of RFD-TV’s The Horse Show with Rick Lamb, spectators are guaranteed not only to have a good time, but also to walk away with training knowledge that will improve their relationship with horses.

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