Insect Kit for Horses


HorseMAREship picks up Nature’s Balance Care Organic INSECT KIT for HORSES. The KIT contains a bottle of the Horse Journals Best Choice March 09 issue BARE SKIN BARRIER, the GROOMER FLY SPRAY, and a bottle of FACE FORMULA. All you need for fly control in one ready for the barn tote drawstring bag. The BARE SKIN BARRIER is specially designed for the underside of the horse where the biting flies and midges cause scabby swollen welts; the FACE FORMULA is perfect for trail rides keeping pesky deer flies, mosquitoes and bees away from the delicate skin of the face and ears and the GROOMER FLY SPRAY is for all over relief formulated with Nature’s Balance Care OMRIR listed Groomer Concentrate. Nature’s Balance Care products are Safe for the Environment and Children, are manufactured in the USA and have OMRI listing for flea, fly, tick, mosquito and insect control along with skin care for Horses, Dogs, Livestock and People.

Missy Wryn is the founder of Training the Whole HorseR, IRON FREE Riding, HorseMAREshipT, Sisters of the Saddle, plus inventor of the ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter Bitless Bridle. Specializing in problem and dangerous horses Missy has developed a unique approach to training horses and riding Iron Free. Training the Whole HorseR is the foundation to Missy’s innovative and simpler approach to training horses using effective communication that horses understand, honor and respect while having fun and being safer riding Iron Free (no bits – no spurs). Check Missy’s schedule for appearances and lectures in your area at .

Missy Wryn is also CEO and founder of Natures Balance Care, LLC. Natures Balance Care is the manufacturer of organic approved (OMRI) fly control and skin care products for dogs, horses, organic livestock and people. Visit