How To Take Great Pictures of Your Horse

Horse Lover’s 2 Minute How-To Video: How To Take Great Pictures of Your Horse

It’s a tough time to try to sell a horse right now so your sale pictures need to be dazzling! In “How to Take Great Pictures of Your Horse,” Professional Equine Photographer Jessica Robinson shows how to capture your horse’s image in the best way possible. Jess gives tips on lighting, angles, background do’s and don’ts, camera settings and much more. Plus, she shares some of her own amazing pictures. It’s pure eye candy for the equine enthusiast. Jessica’s company, EquusUnbridled Photography, is dedicated to providing beautiful equine images through portraits, show coverage, stallion promotion, and sales. Fine art prints and stock photography are also available. Based in San Ramon, Jessica brings her skills as a horseman, understanding how horse and rider move together, and her skills as an artist, to compose beautiful images. Jessica says “there is great satisfaction in delivering an exceptional photo capturing that moment of balance, fluidity, and unbridled joy.” For more information visit .

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