Horses and Horse Lovers Needed for the September CO Horse Master Shoot

Horses and Horse Lovers Needed for the September CO Horse Master Shoot

Poncha Springs, CO, July 23, 2009: Julie Goodnight is looking for a few good horses (horses with good problems for the show, that is) for her September 8-10 Horse Master TV shoot to be taped at her Poncha Springs, CO ranch. For each of the 6 episodes taped during the three-day taping, Goodnight works with a different horse and owner to help them achieve their horsemanship goals. This is a chance to work with Goodnight in a personalized setting and get special support from her cast and crew. If you or you know of horses and owners who want or need help with these specific problems, please share this call and apply online at

*A horse lover who is ready to purchase their first or a new horse and would like help with the buying process-learning what to look for and the best way to interview horse sellers. Learn the process of evaluating a horse from the ground and from the saddle while staying in a scheduled budget. The horse person does not need to commit to buy a horse, but be serious about the shopping prospect and have a budget in mind of $7,000-$15,000. Hoping for an intermediate to advanced rider capable of riding and “testing” multiple horses without fear of riding a new horse. The horse owner may not live in CO, but desire a well-trained American Quarter Horse/ Western performance horse and is willing to travel to shop.

*A high-level dressage horse (trained to second to fourth level) who is otherwise perfect, but either opens his mouth excessively while riding (maybe requiring a flash during shows) or who drools excessively. May also be a horse who goes in front of or behind the bit consistently or holds his head a little too high. Bitting master Dale Myler (co-founder of Myler Bits, and will accompany Goodnight on this episode.

*A Western horse (possibly a roper or reining horse) who holds his head too high often and doesn’t collect as quickly and easily as the rider would like. A horse who champs at the bit or often drools. Bitting master Dale Myler (co-founder of Myler Bits,  and will accompany Goodnight on this episode.

*A horse who is cinchy-doesn’t like the saddling process and bites or threatens to bite when the cinch or girth is applied. At the extreme, may go down onto his knees when being cinched up.

*A rider who has difficulty picking up and feeling the correct canter leads. May show and get marked down for being on the incorrect lead. A rider who often looks down at the start of the canter transition to make sure that she has the correct lead. Or a horse who won’t pick up one lead or the other easily-no matter who is riding.

*A horse who won’t cross water (as in a pond or stream). A horse who balks or turns away and will only enter water if another horse is with him or after significant coaching.

Apply now at: Applications must be received by August 1, 2009. Horse owners are responsible for their own transportation and travel expenses during the shoot, but get lots of goodies from sponsors and best of all-a free one on one clinic with Goodnight. The taping is closed to on-lookers. If you have questions or ideas or want to learn more, please send your application then e-mail

About Goodnight’s Natural Horsemanship Style Natural Horsemanship History and Influences: Julie formed her own horsemanship training style and techniques after years of riding many types of horses and with countless mentors. She’s self taught–not a product of another trainer’s coursework. Julie counts her dad as one of her early mentors–he always had horses for she and her brother and sisters to ride and made sure Julie had the chance to ride and show. Julie worked with local Florida trainers in her youth as she prepared for elite hunter jumper competitions.

In college in New Mexico, Julie began working Thoroughbreds on the racetrack and learned more skills from trainers on the backside. After college, Julie led pack trips through the mountains, worked at an Arabian training center, and finally formed her own natural horsemanship training facility and camp in Colorado.

It’s by riding so many types of horses and working with many different trainers in the industry that Julie learned the similarities in all styles. She learned what worked and what didn’t; she saw how horses responded with kind training methods and witnessed what happened with alternative methods. Through all her experiences, she gained an even greater appreciation for the horse and became determined to teach all horse owners how to interact as their horses’ kind leaders. Now as international spokesperson for CHA, Julie represents safe riding and kind horsemanship techniques–in English and western disciplines.

Julie Goodnight is sponsored by Myler Bits, Nutramax Laboratories, Circle Y Saddles, Spalding Labs, Troxel, Kestar English Boots, and the Certified Horsemanship Association. Visit and for more information about Julie Goodnight and her Horse Master television show. RFD-TV is available on DirecTV channel 345 and Dish channel 231 as well as cable outlets in the Northeast through Verizon; Nebraska, Michigan, Minnesota, and Tennessee through Charter; Georgia through ComSouth; Kentucky and New Mexico through Comcast. Visit to find out how to view the channel in your area.

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