Help Fund Equine Research by Using The Horseman’s Card(R)

Help Fund Equine Research by Using The Horseman’s CardR

Lexington, KY (July 31, 2009) – Would you like to save money on farm and stable equipment and supplies and help the health of the horse at the same time? If you answered “yes,” then be sure to use your Horseman’s CardR the next time you make a purchase from Big Ass Fans, Kennel Deck and Palladium Fencing.

These companies are just three of the numerous businesses participating in The Horseman’s CardR VIP benefits program. The Horseman’s Card,R the credit card of choice for horse owners and enthusiasts, was created to help support the world-renowned Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center in Lexington, Ky. At no additional cost to the cardholder, a contribution is made to the Gluck Center each time The Horseman’s CardR is used to make a purchase.

In 1987, officials of the University of Kentucky’s Department of Veterinary Science created the Gluck Center. It is one of only three centers in the world dedicated exclusively to researching the diseases and physiological problems of the horse. Critical research conducted at the Gluck Center is for the benefit of horses of all breeds. Scientific findings from the Gluck Center benefit people as well, including investigations into arthritis, aging and immune response, and bacterial and viral infections. Six of the top ten equine vaccines sold today are a result of the accomplishments of equine researchers at the Gluck Center.

In addition to raising funds for equine research, The Horseman’s CardR provides exclusive savings for cardholders through its VIP benefits program. Three of the companies who participate in the VIP program specialize in farm and stable equipment and supplies:

Big Ass Fans is the leading manufacturer of huge ceiling fans for large industrial, agricultural and commercial settings. Big Ass Fans can be used year-round to provide comfortable longer rides for horses and riders in your facility. Ranging in size from 6 feet to 24 feet in diameter, Big Ass Fans use low-horsepower motors to generate energy-efficient air movement for large spaces. Horseman’s CardR members receive a complimentary Big Ass Fans microfiber jacket ($75 value) with the purchase of a Big Ass Fan. For more information on products, visit or call 877-BIG-FANS.

Kennel Deck is the perfect solution to providing a sanitary, yet comfortable surface for your horse. It is also very desirable for raising items such as hay and feed to keep them dry. It can also be used as a walkway. Kennel Deck comes in 2’x4′ sections, clips are provided to extend the length or width. It is lightweight, chew-proof, weatherproof, resistance to mold, mildew and bacteria, and easy to maintain. To receive a 10% discount using your Horseman’s Card, R call (888) 886-8801 or online at . Ask about volume discounts.

Contain your horses with the “world’s best equine fence.” Palladium Fencing offers the highest quality plastic-coated treated lumber available. This results in a product that’s strong, long-lasting, low-maintenance, economical and environmentally friendly. Call 866-PALLADIUM (725-5234) or visit for more information. Receive a 5% discount when you place an order with your Horseman’s CardR.

For information about the rates, fees, other costs and benefits associated with the use of The Horseman’s CardR, or to apply by phone, call (800) 932-2775 (mention code UAAQA2) or apply online at .