Has Life Got Your Equine Buddies’ Tummy Not So Yummy?

Has life got your equine buddies’ tummy not so yummy?

It seems life keeps getting more demanding for us and for our equine partners. As we all know from personal experience stress can affect our body in many ways. I am sure you have either heard about or experienced some degree of gastric ulcers. Our equine partners are just as prone to gastric ulcers as we are. No matter horse or rider the best treatment is prevention! Look for ways to take the stress out and keep a natural balance in your daily schedules for you and your horses.

For many years people have used Aloe Vera for external skin healing, research is showing it works just as well for internal healing such as gastric ulcers. You will find Aloe Vera is widely used for digestive care on the human side.

Aloe Advantage believes in preventive measures and has been marketing Aloe Plus with Herbs for over 20 years through health foods stores. They are now offering Aloe Plus with Herbs for riders and horses through animal health care channels. Be sure to ask for these new products at your local feed, farm and tack stores. http://www.aloeadvantage.com/ / 1-877-624-9693.