Finding the Perfect Bit Just Got Easier

Finding the Perfect Bit Just Got Easier: Partrade Introduces a Free Metalab Bit Selection Guide

August 25, 2009-A wide selection of bits means your perfect bit is out there, but how do you decide exactly which bit it is? That’s why Partrade is introducing the free, easy-to-use Metalab Bit Selection Guide.

The Metalab Bit Selection Guide includes more than 500 bits from engraved loose ring bits to stainless steel, sliding gag bits. And each bit is described in detail, grouped, and color coded according to its effect-from mild to strong.

Each of the five color-coded groups, or “levels,” features a detailed description of what horse and rider would most benefit from using that level of bits. And to further ensure that the perfect bit is chosen, each bit’s hang tag features a full-length product description and is color-coded by level.

How we choose our bits is as important as the bits themselves. That’s why the Metalab Bit Selection Guide can be seen at a Metalab retailer near you, or downloaded for free at:

Partrade is a proud distributor of Metalab Western and English bits.

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