Elegance by Lami-Cell

A Best-Selling Collection in New Colors: Elegance by Lami-Cell

July, 2009-Lami-Cell brings the latest colors to its best-selling Elegance collection-a favorite of top European riders.

Fashionable, high-quality clothing isn’t just for people-it’s for horses, too. That’s why the latest line of Elegance horse products is now available in Crimson, Chocolate, Sky Blue, Raspberry, Charcoal Grey and Navy. And this popular collection includes everything from polo wraps, boots and saddle pads to halters, fly veils and coolers.

Elegance by Lami-Cell tastefully marries class and distinction with affordability in a new, color-coordinated collection of equestrian products straight from Europe. Bring the fashion runway to your barn with Elegance by Lami-Cell!

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