British Photographer And Horse Woman Puts Finishing Touches To Her Documentary Riding Across America

British photographer and horse woman puts finishing touches to her documentary riding across America

Photographer Tracey Elliot-Reep has taken to the saddle once more as she puts the finishing touches to her new documentary which recounts her incredible six month-long journey from the Mexican border to Canada which she has also been turned in to a stunning new book.

Tracey has been reunited with her horses Pistol and Smoky, who have been stabled in Colorado, to retrace the journey, although this time she admits the use of a truck and trailer have made it an altogether different experience.

Tracey said: “During my ride I was filmed by a TV crew at certain points during the ride, but there were segments that were missing so I’m back in America and we have been filling in the gaps where we didn’t have interview footage. There has been a lot of travelling, and it’s been really hot, but we should have everything finished by the end of August. It’s brought back a lot of very special memories of the incredible time I had riding across America and it was wonderful seeing Pistol and Smoky again who I could never sell after the experience we had together.”

Tracey’s new book Riding By Faith from Mexico to Canada ACROSS AMERICA is out in September. It is the courageous and inspiring tale of one woman’s quest to ride solo across the American wild west. Tracey said: “I hope this book will encourage people to live their dreams and that it will stir them up. Decades ago I dreamed about the Wild West while I played cowboys and Indians on Dartmoor and now I have lived that dream. Anyone can do it.”

To find out more about Tracey and to buy books visit . Tracey is available for interview during her time in America. Please contact Lucy Johnson at the above email address for more details.