Arenus Adds Equilite Product Lines

Arenus Adds Equilite Product Lines

St. Louis, Missouri, August 10, 2009 – Striving to be the premier provider of innovative health and nutrition products that holistically address specific issues in horses and pets while achieving optimal health, performance and longevity, Arenus recently acquired the intellectual property, technology and product lines of Equilite, Inc.

Equilite provides many all-natural herbal health products that are safe for horses, horse owners and the environment. Ingredients are human grade and made in the US without sugars, fillers or chemical additives.

Arenus acquired Equilite’s three product lines: the Sore No-MoreR Liniment Product Line, Herbal Supplement line and Botanical AnimalR Flower Essence line, totaling 39 individual products. Other Equilite products include bathing, fly control, general health, behavioral training, relaxation, liniment and legs, as well as natural pasture seed.

“Arenus’s philosophy is to provide unique health products that holistically address specific issues and EquiliteT products do just that,” said Celeste Mohatt, Arenus Marketing Manager. “The market trend is toward a more holistic, natural approach to horse care and Equilite fulfills this need.”

“Arenus brings to the table an unprecedented level of experience in animal health research and product development,” said Stacey Palmer Small, Founder and President of EquiliteT. “The Arenus team is committed more than ever in bringing to market products that will continue to improve the lives of the equine and companion animals we all love and care for.”

The product Sore No-MoreR was originally designed to meet the needs of race horses that are faced with extremely stressful situations. Track veterinarians were looking for an alternative way to help support their traditional methods of treatment, so they asked Small to research herbs as a possible adjunctive route. She started with a two year course in Chinese Medicine and continued her studies which lead to the creation of the first two products, Sore No-MoreR and the Garli+CT Blend.

Sore No-MoreR was named Product of the Year by Horse Journal in 2000 and 2007.

“Our overall pick for safety in both acute and chronic conditions, versatility, pain relief, rapid inflammation control and low irritate potential is still the herbal-based Sore No-MoreR from Equilite,” according to the January 2009 issue of Horse Journal.

Like Arenus, Equilite is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council, which enforces good animal health supplement manufacturing, labeling and marketing practice standards.

Other ARENUSR product lines include STEADFASTR, a joint health supplement and ASSURER, a digestive aid family. For more information about Equilite products visit or

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About Arenus

ARENUSR is owned by Novus Nutrition Brands, LLC (a Novus International company) and is specifically dedicated to improving the health, performance, and longevity of all horses and dogs. Arenus develops innovative, multifunctional products to address the health issues that are relevant to their customers; products which are based both in sound science AND supported through research to ensure their customers receive formulas that truly deliver. ARENUSR brand products include STEADFASTR joint health products and ASSURER digestive aids.