Announces Sponsorship by Ambo Health LLC, Makers of the Omega Cookie Announces Sponsorship by Ambo Health LLC, makers of the Omega Cookie

At home or on the go, Omega Cookie is a delicious meal-substitute with a full dose of omega 3 plus fiber & calcium. and Ambo Health LLC team up to encourage good nutrition for equestrians with the Omega Cookie. This easy breakfast or snack is easy to take to horseshows and a great way to experience the health benefits that one effective daily dose of Omega-3 fish oil provides. Without any “fishy” taste, this cookie will win over children and adults alike.

Omega Cookie provides vital, restorative benefits to every cell, organ and system in your body. Experience measurable improvements to your heart, joints, muscles, brain, eyes, skin, sex organs and metabolism. But for people with serious chronic conditions or disease such as heart illness, arthritis, diabetes, depression, ADHD/ADD, menopausal side effects, Alzheimer’s and even – according to recent studies – autism, the results are so compelling that many in the medical community are being forced to rethink their treatment plans. Recently, omega 3 made headlines worldwide as scientists found it to be more potent than statins like Lipitor or Zocor in reducing heart-related death.

Ambo Health LLC offers their Omega Cure Omega-3 Fish Oil for humans and horses, with astonishing health benefits for both! Visit to find out more information about Omega-3 and their products.

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