Sore No More(R) Gets Salvey with a Unique New Formula

July 5, 2009 Off By Roberta Johnston

Sore No MoreR Gets Salvey with a Unique New Formula

POTTSTOWN, PA – Equilite, Inc. Sore No MoreR Sports Salve is a multi-faceted protective leg grease and so much more. It puts the world famous Sore No MoreR recipe to other uses. We all know that horses that run, race, jump, or participate in activities where impact potential exists, whether recreationally or for competition, need to have extra protection. Soft tissue injuries such as muscle, tendon and ligament injuries, as well as the more serious conditions, such as inflamed joints and arthritis, are common problems for performance horses of all types-even for those in training prior to competition. If ignored, these conditions cannot only hamper performance, but may lead to permanent damage and disability. Sore No More SportsR Salve provides that extra peace of mind!

This liniment inside a cream base blend can be used on horses from all disciplines. Sore No MoreR Sports Salve is a cooling liniment paste that addresses a wide variety of issues, ranging from protecting legs during jumping competitions to cuts, burns, scrapes, cracked heels, dry cracked hooves to skin irritations, eczema, rashes and the like. It also makes a great natural leg sweat for those animals with sensitive skin.

Sore No MoreR Sports Salve is designed to be used daily, even several times a day if necessary. It is gentler to the skin in comparison to other leg liniment creams and may be used over cuts and scrapes and under bandages. Sore No MoreR Sports Salve should be used preventatively as part of your daily training regime and not just for post trauma or injuries.

Eventers and all active horse enthusiasts now have an American made product – readily accessible and available at your local feed, farm or tack store.

About Equilite Inc.

Headquartered in Pottstown, PA, Equilite Inc. the creator of all-natural botanical products for animals; best known for the award-winning Sore No MoreR brand; their arnica based herbal cooling liniment line. Equilite’s product line also includes herbal supplements, Botanical Animal flower essences, horse sprays and more. For additional information on Equilite or its products please visit or call 800-942-5483