Now Riders Can Have All the Benefits of Cavallo Pads and More

Introducing the Full Monty


For the bigger saddle, the heftier rider or the more robust ride, this Cavallo Total Comfort System (TCS) Saddle Pad is two inches longer than the Western All-Purpose, with a double thickness of memory foam.

A result of popular demand, the Full Monty has been developed to provide extra shock absorption and additional cushioning. Riders will still feel their horse’s movement through the close contact pad cutaway, but will now enjoy the additional protection of double memory foam thickness throughout the saddle bar contact with the horse.

Cavallo’s Tri-Density Solution gives the Full Monty all the exceptional features Cavallo crafts into its TCS saddle pad range, including the same patented Nitrex Closed-Cell Foam that riders have come to know and trust.

Far superior to traditional foams, the non-PVC foam has low resilience and low penetration value, resulting in excellent shock absorption, insulation, cushioning and rebound (G-value energy return). Complemented by New Zealand Merino Wool, the Full Monty saddle pad is the best back protection available.

“Cavallo pads are the best pads in the world today.” Monty Roberts

The Full Monty is now available at your favourite tack shop and through equine catalogues.

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