Hauling horses to New Mexico? Updated VS requirement

July 5, 2009 Off By Roberta Johnston

During the vesicular stomatitis (VS) outbreak:

If you plan to haul Texas equine animals to New Mexico, be sure the certificate of veterinary inspection is issued within seven days prior to arrival in that state. New Mexico updated their vesicular stomatitis requirements Tuesday, June 30. (When Texas is free of vesicular stomatitis, certificates of veterinary inspection will again be valid for 30 days for Texas equine animals entering New Mexico.)

For ALL livestock entering New Mexico, the New Mexico state veterinarian requires the following statement on the certificate of veterinary inspection:

“The animals represented on this CVI (health certificate) have not originated from a premises or area under quarantine for vesicular stomatitis (VS), or a premises on which VS has been diagnosed in the past 21 days. I have examined the animals and have found no clinical signs of VS.”

You must have an entry permit, issued by the New Mexico Livestock Board, if you are transporting livestock to New Mexico from a county with vesicular stomatitis. (Currently in Texas, vesicular stomatitis is limited to STARR COUNTY in far south Texas.) The entry permit may be obtained at no charge by calling the New Mexico Livestock Board at 505-841-6161.