Complete Bathing Kit by eZall Provides Savvy Solution Under $30

Complete Bathing Kit by eZall Provides Savvy Solution Under $30

Show season is when you want your horse looking his best but restocking your grooming box can quickly drain your wallet. eZall has introduced a new bathing kit for $29.95 that offers the best grooming value on the market while providing the spray on, rinse off technology that champions have come to depend on.

This all-in-one bathing kit includes the signature eZall foamer, 32 oz. Total Body Wash Green super concentrate, a 9 position rinse head that quick connects to the trigger and a sample of the new Shine & Detangler. With everything you need included, there is no need to buy a bucket, bathing mitt, brushes, conditioner or hose attachments.

The Total Body Wash Green that is included in the bathing kit combines science and technology with Mother Nature in a environmentally friendly, readily bio-degradable super concentrate. Providing everything necessary for your bathing needs, the eZall Bathing Kit will prepare you for the summer riding season.

“I’ve always been impressed with eZall products, and their new Bathing Kit is no exception. I love the Total Body Wash Green’s fresh clean scent and how its great foaming action cleans and conditions my horses’ coats and keeps them looking great,” says Team eZall member Clinton Anderson.

Included as a bonus in the kit is a sample of the new eZall Shine & Detangler. Quickly becoming a new favorite of many showmen, this product is the perfect companion to the eZall Total Body Wash, according to Anderson.

“Good looking manes and tails are key to any show horse’s appearance. That’s why I use eZall Shine & Detangler on all my performance horses. It doesn’t get sticky or attract dirt, and it keeps my horses’ manes and tails shiny and tangle free. Try it, mate — I think you’ll be as impressed as I am with the result!” says Anderson.

About eZall

All eZall products are bio-based, non-toxic and environmentally safe. This means that each ingredient in every product is screened for potential human health and environmental effects. Unlike traditional equine and cattle grooming products they do not contain potentially harmful chemicals or components. eZall has gone to great lengths to bring the animal industry quality products that are safe for the users, animals and the environment. For more information about eZall products please visit their web site at , or give us a call at 1-877-TRY-eZall.