The American Trakehner Association Celebrates its 35th Anniversary

The American Trakehner Association Celebrates its 35th Anniversary

2009 Convention and Membership Meeting November 5 – 7

Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

NEWARK, OH – The American Trakehner Association (ATA) is happy to announce its 35th annual convention to be held November 5 -7, 2009 in Murfreesboro, Tenn. The ATA annual convention activities include a membership meeting, mare and stallion inspections, Horse of the Year Awards, a breed show, jumper Calcutta and much more – all centered on the versatile Trakehner horse. A complete schedule of events and registration information can be found on the ATA website at

All the horse-related activities and meetings will be held at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum and dinners and award presentations will be at the Doubletree Hotel Murfreesboro, both located in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Here is the schedule at a glance:

Thursday, November 5

Tennessee Miller Coliseum

8 a.m. – noon – Board meeting

8 a.m. – Mare inspections and Young horse evaluations

2 p.m. – Stallion inspection, measuring, hard surface & triangle


6:30 p.m. – Welcome Reception and Horse of the Year (HOY) Awards

Friday, November 6

Tennessee Miller Coliseum

8 a.m. – noon – Membership meeting

1 p.m. – Mare and Young horse show

3 p.m. – Dressage Suitability under saddle

4 p.m. – Schooling over hunter course

6:30 p.m. – Hunter and Jumper stake classes followed by exhibition

Saturday, November 7

Tennessee Miller Coliseum

8 a.m. – Stallion inspections, at liberty, free jumping and announcements

1 p.m. – Select sale


6:30 p.m. – Banquet, Merit Awards and dancing

Check the website for updates and the schedule is subject to change.

Inspections provide the opportunity to present horses for approval into the ATA studbooks, as well as offer participants a tremendous learning experience. All horses that are presented for inspection must be pre-registered with the ATA.

The inspection process is clearly defined on the ATA website, but basically it includes the following elements:

1. Stand to be measured (height, girth, and canon bone)

2. Walk and trot on a hard surface (sometimes asphalt) 3. Walk and trot on a triangle in an arena. (usually sand or other soft footing) 4. Walk, trot, and canter at liberty in an arena. 5. Stallions must also free jump three obstacles. Mares do not jump. 6. Walk for final evaluation before the results are announced.

The ATA gives special thanks to all of the sponsors for making the convention possible and to all the stallion owners for their donations to the Stallion Service Auction.

The American Trakehner Association (ATA) was established in 1974 as a non-profit association of breeders, owners, and friends for the promotion and preservation, in the Western Hemisphere, of the warmblood horse of Trakehner origin. The ATA serves a number of purposes including:

. Maintaining a public registry of Trakehner horses.

. Marking and branding approved stallions, mares and foals with the Association’s corporate seal.

. Disseminating information to breeders, owners and friends pertaining to the breeding and raising of Trakehner horses.

. Promoting the performance of the Trakehner horse in dressage, three-day eventing, hunting, jumping, driving and other sporting disciplines.

. Encouraging a public understanding of the Trakehner horse, its breeding and performance.

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