How to do a Horse Trailer Safety Check with Bonnie Davis

This week’s Horse Lover’s 2 Minute How-To Video: How to do a Horse Trailer Safety Check with Bonnie Davis

Bonnie Davis is a nationally respected writer, trail advocate, equestrian and clinician with her presentations on “Horsecamping — where to go, what to take & how to get there” plus “The Trail Rider’s Economic Value.” Bonnie has been trail riding and camping for over 45 years. She is a firm believer one is “never to old to trail ride or camp if you have the determination and mind set to get on your horse and ride!” Bonnie crisscrosses the nation yearly with her grassroots message of “We trail riders are the largest percentage of users and spenders WITHIN the horse industry. Yet, we are the most overlooked BY the horse industry itself.” To contact Bonnie, e-mail or through Two Horse Enterprises which is dedicated to low impact, environmentally sensitive trail riding and horsecamping.

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