Heat & Horses


By Michael E. Heimer, County Extension Agent -Agri, 936-539-7822, m-heimer@tamu.edu

Here’s what they say about heat and horses

With the heat index increasing and the humidity as heavy as it is, be sure to watch your horses. If your total adds up to 180 or above don’t ride, if it is 130-170 use caution, 130 or below ride!

Determine: Temperature (F) + relative humidity (%) – wind speed For example: Temperature (F) 79 Relative Humidity (%) 58 Wind Speed 4.6 (MPH) Answer = 132.4

Less than 130: All go—horses can function to cool themselves assuming adequate hydration. 130 – 179: Caution—a horse’s cooling mechanisms can only partially function as intended. Some cooling management procedures will need to be performed. 180 or above: Stop—a horse’s cooling systems cannot and will not function adequately. All cooling procedures will need to be utilized!