Freeze Branding for Montgomery County Equines

Freeze Branding offered to Montgomery County Residents

When you go out to see your horse(s), will they be there? Although not any one group maintains stolen horse data, Equine Industry experts estimate that as many as 40,000+ horses and ponies are stolen in the United States annually. Equines can also be displaced because of disasters, both natural and man made. A copy of your coggins may not provide enough information to prove ownership. During Hurricane Katrina, there were several horses that had more than one “owner” try to claim them, and the coggins was not specific enough to determine ownership.

Identification of your horse is an important factor in preventing theft, and is absolutely crucial to reclaiming your animal when and if it is recovered from theft, or a disaster situation.

Give your horse extra protection by freeze branding.

Freeze Branding offered by Deputy Butch Davis July 25th, 2009 at Magnolia Horse Sale 30822 Nichol Sawmill $35.00 Complete set of brands available on sight

Call Deputy Welch at 281-541-6121 to reserve your branding, only 40 spots available.