Best of America by Horseback’s Mexico to Canada Trail Ride Report from Julie Dillon, Core Rider and Spokesperson for Omega Fields(R)

Best of America by Horseback’s Mexico to Canada Trail Ride Report from Julie Dillon, Core Rider and Spokesperson for Omega FieldsR

The riders of the Mexico to Canada Trail Ride have traveled 1200 miles since its beginning in New Mexico on April 21, 2009, and are now well over halfway to their destination of Estaven, Saskatchewan, Canada. The four-and-a-half month, two thousand mile journey is designed to follow the footsteps of the great cattle drives, early pioneers, and, of course, western history.

Julie Dillon, a CHA and TWHBEA certified riding instructor and clinician with the Best of America by Horseback show, is participating in this grand event and is also an official spokesperson for Omega FieldsR, maker of award-winning Omega HorseshineR and Omega NibblersR.

Julie and her two Tennessee Walking horses, ‘Music ‘and ‘Levi’, are thrilled to be part of Tom and Pat Seay’s Best of America by Horseback Mexico to Canada Ride, along with 48 riders from 24 different states. Music and Levi are the oldest horses on the ride; Music is 19 and Levi turned 20 this spring. Omega Nibblers treats and Omega Horseshine are part of their daily nutritional program, and they are doing a great job at keeping up with the younger horses.

“Both horses are truly a pleasure to ride!” says Julie. “Music loves a parade and Levi loves the trail, so they get equal time in the saddle no matter what events we are participating in as we travel northward.”

“By leaving the everyday life most of us call home and entering this state of wandering across the open country, where all of America becomes our home”, Julie shares of her experience, “we begin to understand that in our future there is the choice of a new direction, a different life we never thought possible. We are blessed to travel to some of the most beautiful places in America and welcome the privilege to meet the best people of America.”

The Best of America by Horseback television series, co-produced by Tom Seay and his wife, Pat Seay, promotes tourism in the form of the fun, family oriented activity of horseback trail riding. The Mexico to Canada Trail Ride will be the “Grandaddy of all Trail Rides”, according to Tom and Pat, organizers and leaders of the ride. For detailed information, visit and watch the show on RFD-TV.

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