Policies & Procedures

Frequency Discounts
Advertisers placing ads in multiple issues of the SouthWest Horse Trader during a 12-month period are eligible for a frequency discount. Any display ad combination, regardless of size or type can qualify for the frequency discount. Current frequency discounts can be found on the rate card. These discounts are secured by a contract and signed in advance; otherwise, discounts and rebates will not be given. The customer understands that, if they do not fulfill the contract, they will be responsible for refunding the frequency discounts. Rates in effect at time contract is issued will remain through completion of contract.

Cancellations/ Late Submissions
Either party may discontinue contracts on 30 days’ written notice, contingent on the following:

Cancellation (either by the publisher or advertiser), or default of contracts by advertiser, in whole or in part, forfeits the advertiser’s right to any discount rate, as well as any special positioning in the publication. Further, the frequency discount on past and subsequent insertions will be adjusted to conform to the actual rate earned, and the customer will be responsible for any cost difference.
The advertiser will be responsible for payment for any ad cancelled after the final deadline date (10th of the preceding month) for the corresponding issue.
All advertisers, even if under contract, should contact their account representative by the 5th of the preceding month to update or confirm their advertisement(s) in each issue.
Ads received after the final deadline will be accepted only at the discretion of the publisher and may be subject to a late fee of up to 30 percent of the applicable display rate.

General Advertising Conditions
No conditions, appearing on copy instructions or insertion orders, which conflict with the SouthWest Horse Trader’s publisher policies, will be binding.
All initial advertising must be submitted with payment and contact information, including contact person, company name, mailing, delivery and electronic addresses and phone numbers.
The Advertising and Stallion Indexes are published as a courtesy to our readers. Restitutions will not be given for index omissions or errors
All advertisements are accepted and published with the understanding that the advertisers and/or agencies are properly authorized to publish the contents and subject matter thereof.
Publisher is not responsible for any copyright infringement on the part of the advertisers.
Publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising or editorial material.
Publisher reserves the right to insert the word “advertisement” above or below any ad, particularly one that, in the publisher’s opinion, resembles editorial matter.

The publisher of the SouthWest Horse Trader and its employees assume no financial responsibility for errors in, or the omission of copy in, advertisements or editorials. The publisher will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage occasioned by the failure of any advertisement to appear due to any cause whatsoever. Furthermore, the publisher does not accept liability for accuracy of information or errors in an advertisement published, nor for the failure of an advertisement to appear on a specified date. The publisher will be liable to no greater extent than the cost of the advertising space occupied by any error. The publisher reserves the right to hold advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly and severally responsible for any monies due and payable to the publisher.