Ad Specifications

Download Printable version of Design specs
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The ideal ad is designed in Quark Express or InDesign and delivered as a PDF File.
Files may be submitted in Macintosh or PC formats
Digital ads must be submitted with a matching proof printed from the file you are submitting
Acceptable programs include Quark Express (version 5.0), Page Maker (version 7.0), InDesign (version 2.0),
Photoshop (version 7.0), Acrobat (version 6.0) and Illustrator as an EPS file (version 8.0).
Ads submitted in PDF format must be color separated and printer-quality ready. Drafts will not be accepted
We do not accept graphic files submitted in MS Publisher, Word, or PowerPoint. Instead, please submit a text file and scan separately
Acceptable media for digital submissions include 3.5 inch disk, 100 Mb Zip, 1 GB Jaz, or CD-Rom Scans/images should be supplied in TIF or EPS format. JPEGs, in a maximum (non-compressed) form, will also be accepted.
Please use four-color CMYK format (not RGB).
All embedded graphics and fonts must be included (fonts will be discarded after use)
Ads should be set up to print at 130-line screen or 200 dpi.
This publication is printed on 32# newspaper stock and saddle stitched.
Full page bleeds accepted with prior approval.
Trim size is 8.25 x 10.5/Bleed is 8.75 x 11/Live Image is 7.25 x 9.
E-mail Submissions
Maximum acceptable size for graphics submitted via e-mail is 5 megs.
Images submitted via e-mail must be scanned at least 200 dpi and saved as a PDF, TIF, EPS or JPG file.
Files should be sent to:
Large files may be submitted via FTP to our website or directly to the printer. Please e-mail to for instructions.
We cannot guarantee color accuracy or quality of ads prepared by outside agents. We suggest you allow for a 20% dot gain on color ads due to the absorbency of newspaper.
We will not make alterations to supplied media, unless directed to do so with written instructions.
The 15% production charge is waived for ads submitted meeting publisher’s digital specifications.
Film is discouraged and subject to additional charges. Film should be set for 100dpi, emulsion down.
Post-Production: Material and Film
Original ad materials will be returned upon request, after the corresponding issue has mailed, provided name and return address have been attached with a self-addressed stamped envelope, and that account is paid in full.
Ads must be received by the 10th of the month preceding publication.

Please ship to our delivery address at:
SouthWest Horse Trader
15551 West Gate
Splendora, Texas 77372
Contact number for deliveries is (281) 689-7290